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Benromach 2012 1st Fill Sherry Hogshead Antipodes – 70cl


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Equipped with a 10,000-litre wash still and a 6,000-litre spirit still, Benromach produces 450,000 litres of pure alcohol per year. Using only first-fill casks to mature its single malt, it owns five warehouses with a total capacity of 18,000 casks. Overflowing with vitality and incredibly well-balanced, this version very naturally stages a deeply rooty peat in the heart of a flavour and aroma palette that is heavily influenced by its sherry cask maturation.


Colour : Topaz.

Nose : Refined, distinguished. The very elegant first nose is a subtle combination of lemon, candied fruits [pear, ginger], honeyed [heather], chocolate, floral [dandelion, daffodil, buttercup], delicately peaty and smoky [sooty] fragrances. Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette’s infinitely malty dimension flourishes, just like its wonderfully fruity rancio [apricot, peach, melon].

Palate : Concentrated, rich. Behind an initial sequence that is finely woody, empyreumatic [sleet] and earthy [translucent peat], the attack reveals absolutely delicious richness [grape cake, spice bread, walnut cake]. Next, rhubarb tart, strawberry, stewed apple and cinnamon flavours feed a very dense and complex mid-palate. The delicately bitter and medicinal [iodine tincture] end of the palate is flooded with several plant liqueurs [gentian, génépi, verbena].

Finish : Full-bodied, silky. The praline start of the finish reveals extremely sophisticated citrus fruit notes [orange, mandarin]. These fruits release a juice whose sweet and tangy tones refresh the taste buds right at the ideal moment. The very long end of the finish is spicy [ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg] and tertiary [sweet chestnut, walnut]. The empty glass releases honeyed and fruity [apricot, melon] fragrances.


ABV 60.5%


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