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Chum Churum x 20 bottles (1 carton) x 360ml (Apple/Blueberry/Citron/Grape/Peach/Yogurt)


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Chum Churum Original Soju is made from a mix of grains and rice. Popular as Korea's national spirit, soju is a well-known drink in Asian countries. It's smooth and carries subtle sweet hints along with aromas of pear and ginger. It features a fruity flavor with jasmine and ginger notes. The finish is subtly sweet, and the drink partners well with spicy Korean dishes. The liquor is made using alkaline water that helps to enhance its flavor.


Smooth in taste and clear in color, Chum Churum soju has 17% ABV. It's also used in cocktails. Soju goes well with marinated and barbecued meat dishes, preceded by Korean appetizers.


ABV 17%


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