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Drinks By The Dram Rum Advent Calendar 2024 Edition [Premium] Gift Set – 72cl


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About this calendar

Sip on some liquid sunshine while you count down to Christmas with Drinks by the Dram’s spectacular Rum Advent Calendar! There are 24 different 30ml wax-sealed samples of rum waiting inside, sourced from producers large and small in 15 different countries. The perfect gift (or self-gift, for that matter) for those looking to set off on a rum voyage while they count down to the big day!

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What is inside me? [Spoilers!]

  • Angostura Rum 1919 3cl Sample
  • Black Tot Master Blender’s Reserve - 2021 Edition 3cl Sample
  • Brugal 1888 Double Aged Rum 3cl Sample
  • Diplomático Seleccion De Familia 3cl Sample
  • Discarded Banana Peel Rum 3cl Sample
  • Flor de Caña 18 3cl Sample
  • Gosling's Family Reserve 3cl Sample
  • La Hechicera Fine Aged Rum 3cl Sample
  • Langs Mango & Ginger Rum 3cl Sample
  • Langs Pineapple Rum 3cl Sample
  • Libations Double Aged Golden Rum 3cl Sample
  • Norfolk Dark Spiced Rum 3cl Sample
  • Plantation XO Barbados 20th Anniversary 3cl Sample
  • Port Mourant 1990 (bottled 2022) - Bristol Spirits 3cl Sample
  • Ron Colón Salvadoreño Coffee Infused Rum 3cl Sample
  • Ron La Progresiva 13 3cl Sample
  • Ron Pampero Aniversario 3cl Sample
  • Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23 3cl Sample
  • Rum Ting - Passionfruit, Mango & Elderflower 3cl Sample
  • Rumbullion! 3cl Sample
  • Rumbullion! XO 15 Years Old 3cl Sample
  • Skipper Demerara Rum 3cl Sample
  • Tanduay Double Rum 3cl Sample
  • Twin Fin Spiced Golden Rum 3cl Sample
    Please note: There’s a small chance that some of the contents within might change, but no need to worry – the 24 drams within your Advent calendar will always be of appropriate value and slot seamlessly into the selection.


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