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Luzhou Laojiao Guojiao 1573 National Cellar 52% Baijiu 国窖1573 泸州老窖 高端白酒 – 50cl


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As one of the most long standing Chinese Liquor brand, Luzhou Laojiao has always pursued a higher standard and it owns high quality products such as National Cellar 1573. In which Luzhou Laojiao Te Qu’s predecessor is “Three Hundred Year-Laojiao Da Qu”, which was awarded with the gold medal at the world’s fair in Panama. It also has the reputation the representative of strong aroma style Chinese liquor.

National Cellar 1573 product comes from the 1573 National Treasure Cellars, which are reputed for being the earliest built, the most fully protected and having the longest continuous production in Chinese alcohol industry. It then has been brewed by the traditional craftsmanship listed as one of the China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. National Cellar 1573 is the first top-end liquor brand which has the reputation of national treasure, a criterion of Chinese liquor appreciation. It is also the only brand which got “Organic Food Certificate” amongst all the aroma style liquor brands in China.


A floral nose with honey, pine resin, and grilled pineapple. A velvety mouthfeel with a burst of fruit and a raisin-like finish reminiscent of the best grappa.


ABV 52%


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