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Rest & Be Thankful 17 Years 2004 Bruichladdich Wine Cask – 70cl


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Nose : Assertive and redolent with spice. Evocations of the time-imbued rancio, nuanced with hints of tobacco and the essence of well-polished leather, grace the senses.

Palate : An opulent potency coalesces with a beguiling silkiness. Grilled meats, enhanced by the delicate crunch of fleur de sel, interplay harmoniously with the succulence of red fruits, conjuring a tapestry of sumptuousness.

Finish : The denouement lingers, a protracted epilogue. Noble woods lend their stately presence, while notes of sandalwood and a gentle dusting of nutmeg intermingle, bestowing an enduring sense of refinement.


ABV 56.5%


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