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Shichiken Furinbizan Junmai Sake 風凛美山 – 72cl


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“Furinbizan” is a very fresh Junmai sake which is made from the underground water flowing from the Minami-Alps’ Mt.Kaikoma, in the town famous for its water called “Hakushu.” The Yamanashi Meijo brewery is in Yamanashi at the foot of the Japanese Alps, a region very famous for its spring water. They are making extraordinary sakes with a unique technique of fermentation, long and at a lower temperature than usual. Winning awards (Gold Medal for International Wine Challenge 2019 & Great Value Winner for International Wine Challenge 2016)

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As you take your first sip, the umami of the rice beautifully spreads throughout your mouth and the delightful aroma flows out from your nose produce a refeshing moment. The finishing flavor is clear, firm and semi-dry as it goes down your throat.


ABV 16%


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