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Shichiken Kaikoma Junmai Daiginjyo Sake 甲斐駒 – 72cl


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In the 18th century, during 1750, the Kitahara family established their sake brewery called “Onakaya” in Takato of Nagano Prefecture. Until the late 19th century, the brewery ceased operation and Ihei Kitahara (the first generation owner) started a new branch in the Hakushu Region of Yamanashi Prefecture. The reason to move to “KAIKOMA” Junmai Daiginjyo is brewed by utilizing underground water flowing from the Minami-Alps’ Mt. Kaikoma, in the town famous for its water called “Hakushu”.

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Brewed with rice under the ideal sake brewing polishing rate of 37%, this Junmai Daiginjyo holds a delicate and graceful aroma along with expressive umami from the rice. This is a special Japanese sake fit for any occasions, especially served with a wine glass where you can slowly enjoy the aromatic experience from this Junmai Daiginjyo.


ABV 16%


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