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Teachers Origin Blended Scotch Whisky – 70cl


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It’s a recreation of the original recipe by William Teacher, who believed that the higher proportions of Malt whisky made for a smooth finish. This 65% Malt Whisky is aged in traditional 18th-century styled quarter casks, which gives it a unique character and makes it a connoisseur’s delight.

The name “Origin” in Teacher’s Origin Scotch Whisky refers to the blended whisky’s aging process in smaller quarter casks which would have been used by distilleries in the 19th century. This aging technique also allows for a greater ratio of wood to spirit, heightening “oak contact”, which Teacher’s claims creates a whisky that is 30% more mature.


Aroma: With a rich malty burst, the pear and apple fragrance mask the dryer peat flavour. Add water, the fragrant Speyside and Highland malts join with an orange and dried grape sweetness. Joining the flavours is the full roundness of Highland Peat smoke.

Taste: A vast alternating change of tastes varying from immense sweetness to dry slightly tart oakiness with all variations in between, surrounded by the unique liquorice root smokiness from the Ardmore peat.

Finish: Exceptionally long lasting.


ABV 40%


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