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The Glenrothes

The Glenrothes Archives: Aged Scotch Whisky at The Liquid Collection

Step into the exclusive world of The Glenrothes with The Liquid Collection. Each bottle here is a testament to refined taste, carefully selected from the finest offerings worldwide. Perfect for both enthusiasts and newcomers, The Glenrothes range brings a distinctive charm to every palate. From rich, fruity profiles to intricate, spicy notes, our selection celebrates the diversity of flavours. Embark on this flavorful journey, find your preferred expression, and raise a glass to the extraordinary moments to come.

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Discover the artistry behind every bottle of Hakushu whisky, a treasure trove of flavours waiting to be explored. Nestled in the heart of the Southern Japanese Alps, the Hakushu distillery is renowned for its innovative approach to whisky making, blending traditional techniques with a modern twist. Each bottle of Hakushu whisky is a testament to the mastery of blending and ageing, offering a unique palette of flavours that range from the vibrant freshness of forest greens to the deep, resonant notes of aged oak. 

Indulge in the exceptional taste of Hakushu whisky, where every sip tells a story of its pristine origin and meticulous creation. Whether you’re a seasoned whisky aficionado or new to the world of fine spirits, Hakushu whisky promises an experience like no other.

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