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Discover Shizuoka Japanese Whisky

Dive into the pioneering spirit of Shizuoka Distillery, founded in 2017 by Gaia Flow. Known for importing distinguished brands like Blackadder and Swedish Mackmyra, this distillery marks a new chapter in the rich narrative of Japanese whisky. Shizuoka Distillery stands as a testament to modern innovation while embracing traditional distilling wisdom. With offerings like the Shizuoka Single Malt Prologue K and Prologue W, each bottle promises a journey through the meticulous craft of whisky making. Discover the exceptional blend of heritage and innovation with Shizuoka’s unique Japanese Whisky selections.

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The Essence of Shizuoka Distillery: Innovating Japanese Whisky Traditions

Step into the world of Shizuoka Distillery, established in 2017 by Gaia Flow, a beacon of modern Japanese whisky craftsmanship. This distillery, nurturing connections with international brands such as Blackladder, Swedish Mackmyra, and Asta Morris, is a hub of innovation and quality. Shizuoka Distillery prides itself on creating unique Japanese whiskies that resonate with both tradition and contemporary tastes. Each bottle from Shizuoka is a testament to the distillery’s commitment to excellence, offering a distinct and memorable whisky experience that bridges cultures and eras.

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