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Premium Ardbeg Whisky Selection

Ardbeg whisky, often described by connoisseurs as “practically perfect,” is a true gem in the world of whisky. Loved and celebrated globally, Ardbeg’s reputation is well-deserved. Its six unique expressions have snagged top honours like World Whisky of the Year, Scotch Whisky of the Year, and World’s Best Single Malt. Discover the exceptional taste that makes Ardbeg a favourite among whisky enthusiasts.

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Unveil the Mystique of Ardbeg Whisky


At The Liquid Collection, we bring you the finest selection of Ardbeg whiskies, each bottle reflecting the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Islay’s renowned distillery. Explore our range and experience the unique, peaty character that makes Ardbeg a favourite among whisky connoisseurs. If  you are a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of single malt Scotch whisky, Ardbeg promises an unforgettable journey of flavours.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Ardbeg whiskies from The Liquid Collection are versatile and can be enjoyed neat, with a splash of water, or over ice, depending on your preference. Some enthusiasts recommend letting the whisky breathe for a few minutes after pouring to allow the full spectrum of flavours to emerge. Ardbeg also pairs well with a variety of foods, from dark chocolate to smoked meats, enhancing its rich and smoky notes. Experimenting with different glasses, such as a tulip-shaped nosing glass, can also enhance the tasting experience. Remember, the best way to enjoy Ardbeg is the way you like it most.

To maintain the quality of your Ardbeg whisky from The Liquid Collection, store it upright in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and temperature fluctuations. Ensure the bottle is tightly sealed to prevent oxidation, which can affect the flavour over time. Proper storage will help preserve the distinctive taste and aroma of your Ardbeg whisky for years to come. Additionally, avoid storing whisky in areas with strong odours, as the cork can absorb these and affect the whisky’s flavour. For long-term storage, consider keeping your whisky in its original box to further protect it from light and temperature changes.

Yes, The Liquid Collection regularly stocks limited editions and special bottlings of Ardbeg that highlight unique aspects of their whisky-making process or commemorate significant events. These special releases often feature innovative flavour profiles and are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Keep an eye on our website for updates on the latest Ardbeg releases and exclusive offerings. Each limited edition tells a story and showcases the distillery’s creative approach to whisky-making. From the annual Ardbeg Day releases to special anniversary editions, there’s always something exciting for Ardbeg fans to look forward to.

The Liquid Collection offers a variety of Ardbeg expressions, each with its own unique character and flavour profile. Some of the most popular include Ardbeg 10 Year Old, known for its balance of smoky and sweet flavours, and Ardbeg Uigeadail, which combines deep, smoky notes with the richness of sherry cask maturation. Ardbeg Corryvreckan is celebrated for its intense, peppery finish, while limited editions like Ardbeg Supernova push the boundaries of peatiness. Each expression provides a different perspective on Ardbeg's signature style, making them all worth exploring. You can find a comprehensive selection on our website.

The Liquid Collection ensures the quality of its Ardbeg whisky through careful selection and storage practices. We source our Ardbeg directly from the distillery or trusted distributors to guarantee authenticity. Our storage facilities maintain optimal conditions to preserve the whisky's integrity, including temperature control and protection from light. Rigorous quality control measures are in place to ensure consistency and excellence in every bottle. Additionally, we provide detailed product information and customer reviews to help you make informed choices.

You can purchase Ardbeg whiskies directly from The Liquid Collection’s website, where we offer a wide selection of Ardbeg expressions. Our online store provides detailed descriptions and customer reviews to help you choose the perfect bottle. We also offer secure payment options and reliable delivery services to ensure your purchase arrives safely. For those looking for specific or limited editions, we recommend checking our website regularly for new arrivals and special promotions. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is always ready to help you find the ideal Ardbeg whisky for your collection.

Ardbeg whisky's rich, smoky flavours make it a versatile pairing with a variety of foods. Dark chocolate, particularly those with high cocoa content, complements the deep, peaty notes of Ardbeg. Smoked meats, such as bacon or smoked salmon, also enhance the whisky's smokiness. Cheese, especially strong, aged cheeses, can create a delightful contrast with the whisky's complexity. Additionally, dishes with bold flavours, like barbecued ribs or spicy stews, can stand up to and complement Ardbeg's intense character.

While Ardbeg's intense peat and smoke profile can be bold, it is also a highly rewarding introduction to the world of Islay single malts. Beginners might start with the Ardbeg 10 Year Old, which offers a balanced mix of sweetness and smokiness. Tasting with a splash of water can help mellow the intensity and reveal more of the whisky's underlying flavours. The complexity and depth of Ardbeg can be an exciting discovery for new whisky drinkers. Joining a tasting event or guided session can also provide valuable insights and enhance the experience.

The Liquid Collection typically receives new Ardbeg expressions and limited editions annually, often timed with special events like Ardbeg Day. These releases highlight unique aspects of the distillery's craft and offer new and exciting flavour profiles. Special bottlings can also commemorate significant anniversaries or milestones in Ardbeg's history. Fans of Ardbeg look forward to these releases for the opportunity to explore the distillery's creativity and innovation. Keeping an eye on The Liquid Collection's website ensures you won't miss out on these highly anticipated new arrivals.

To stay updated on new Ardbeg releases and events, you can subscribe to The Liquid Collection's newsletter. This will ensure you receive the latest news about product launches, special offers, and upcoming events. Following The Liquid Collection on social media is another great way to stay informed and engage with the whisky community. Additionally, visiting our website regularly will keep you up-to-date with all things Ardbeg. By staying connected, you'll be among the first to know about exclusive releases and exciting Ardbeg-related activities.

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