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Karuizawa 31 and 36 Years Sapphire Geisha Japanese Whisky – 70cl


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The Karuizawa Geisha series was created to not only honour Karuizawa Distillery, which closed in 2001 and was later demolished in 2016, but also offer insight into the mysterious world of the geisha. Often thought of as the remnants of a bygone era, the skill, tradition and artistry of geishas is overlooked or ignored, and the iconic labels of the Karuizawa Geishas, created by The Whisky Exchange’s creative director Raj Chavda, showcase different stages of the journey to become a geisha.



Nose: Lardy cake: layers of bread, spice, brown sugar and umami richness. Umami richness. Citrus boiled sweet notes develop: lemon and lime with a touch of sour orange. A hint of gummi jelly leads to a deep pool of spice: cinnamon allspice, clove, nutmeg and candied ginger.

Palate: Thick dark and sweet to start. Salted caramel and liquorice sticks with demerara-sugar-dusted apples and a spoon of winter-berry compote. The demerara provides a sweet base that balances more savoury notes of mushroom, forest floor and barrel char.

Finish: Savoury rancio notes fade to reveal dark sugars.


ABV 60.1%



Nose: Rich dried fruit, sweet leather and mushroomy earthiness. The sweeter notes lead, with dried cherries and raisins joined by chamois leather, mint imperials and damp autumn leaves. The leafy notes become earthier, with touches of old spirit rancio and dark damp wood developing. Pine builds alongside mint, with cedar not far behind, fragrant and spicy.

Palate: A kick of chocolate-covered liquorice leads to spicy leaves, cinnamon heat and concentrated fruit: pineapple, mango, apple and pear compressed to a singularity of flavour. Blackcurrants and damp oak develop, all coated in fruity, bittersweet dark chocolate. Hints of tar emerge, wrapped around pine twigs and run through with spice and brown-sugar sweetness.

Finish: Mint and pine linger, with soft dried fruit sweetness and hints of black liquorice.


ABV 61.2%



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