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Amaretto Di Saronno – 70cl


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Disaronno Liqueur Originale is made in Saronno Italy using only the highest quality natural ingredients such as absolute alcohol burnt sugar and the pure essence of seventeen selected herbs and fruits soaked in apricot kernel oil. Quite intense and full-bodied this is The Italian Amaretto. The others are mere imitations. Almond-based it is a superb after dinner sipper.

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Color: Rich golden amber

Nose: Notes of almond cookies, nougat, dried cherry, and orange zest

Palate: The texture is unctuous, voluptuous, and mouth-filling. Its flavor evokes biting into a dense piece of marzipan, with its concentrated almond-oil notes, but other layers of flavor are present as well: orange zest, dried cherries and apricots, caramelized sugar, and dates.

Finish: The sweetness and fruitiness lingers, but with a satisfying mildly bitter sensation that keeps it all in check.


ABV 28%


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