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Bols Lychee Brandy – 70cl


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Celebrate the true flavor of this lychee liqueur in a Lychee Martini or Lychee Rickey! Its distinctive fruity palate combines beautifully with a wide spectrum of tropical fruits, making the Bols Lychee a wonderfully tropical and aromatic liqueur. It’s made solely with natural ingredients and has an extremely versatile character. Our Master Distiller has developed a unique extraction process to obtain the rich lychee flavor from its fruit, resulting in a high-quality liqueur.

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Bols Lychee fully captures the rich fruity mouth feel of fresh lychee fruit. This lychee liqueur has a powerful lychee aroma with hints of rose, which works perfectly in cocktails. Try it at home in a Lychee Martini cocktail.


ABV 17%


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