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Hampden 8 Marks Collection Rum Gift Set – 8 x 20cl


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The Hampden 8 Marks Collection is a limited edition gift box that brings together the purest expression of each of Hampden Estate 8 distinct marks. This unique collection of white rums offers a journey to the heart of the distillery, featuring a diverse range of ester levels that showcase the rich diversity of the rums produced at Hampden Estate.

The 8 marks included in the collection are:

  1. OWH: Outram Warmold Hussey = 40-80 gr/HLPA
  2. LFCH: Lawrence Francis Close Hussey = 80-120 gr/HLPA
  3. LROK: Light Rum Owen Kelly = 200-400 gr/HLPA
  4. HLCF: Hampden Light Continental Flavoured = 400-600 gr/HLPA
  5. <>H: Diamond H = 900-1000 gr/HLPA
  6. HGML: Hampden George MacFarquhar Lawson = 1 000-1 100 gr/HLPA
  7. C<>H: C Diamond H = 1300-1400 gr/HLPA
  8. DOK: Dermot Owen Kelly-Lawson = 1500-1600 gr/HLPA

The set includes a flyer with deep historical information on Jamaican rum, as well as a proper tasting mat that offers an in-depth presentation of each of the 8 marks, detailing what differentiates them from one another, from raw materials and production methods to chemical compositions.

Experience the full spectrum of Hampden offerings, from the light and fruity OWH to the extremely flavorful and funky DOK. Perfect for both seasoned rum enthusiasts and curious beginners, the Hampden 8 Marks Collection is a must-have for any true rum lover.


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