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LDMW Four Styles The Peaty Bunnahabhain Staoisha 2014 – 70cl


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Calling this young Bunnahabhain extremely peaty would be a major understatement. Overflowing with generosity and spontaneity, peat reigns throughout the palette of flavours and aromas. Much to our delight, this version invites us to continually recommence this tasting, as it never stops revealing new aromas and new flavours, such as the sublime aroma of artichoke that suddenly rises from the glass. Original, it refuses to be hemmed into reductive clichés, instead leaving free rein to the taster’s imagination.


Nose: the rich initial reveals a thick, oily peat accompanied by exotic fruits banana and dark chocolate. Salty and liquoricey, it becomes hot and spicy ginger.

Palate: The dense attack is peaty, smoky and malty. Verbena and bay leaf honey spread across the sides of the palate.

Finish: The silky finish is vanilla, cocoaed, peaty and camphoric. It lingers with notes of damp straw.




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