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Starward Two Fold – 75cl


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Carefully select barrels from vineyards making great Aussie reds like shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir. These give the new make spirit tasty fruit, caramel and spice notes. To keep as much of a fresh red wine flavour profile as possible, source barrels from just a day’s drive away. Either lightly char or quickly blast barrels with steam. Many are still wet with wine when fill them.

Flavour obsessed as ever
Melbourne’s fluctuating climate means Two-Fold extracts more flavour from the barrel in a much shorter time than is traditional. After just three years, both barley and wheat whiskies are ready to be expertly combined.

The next part [the drinking part] is all up to you.

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Nose: Bright red berries coated in buttery vanilla spice.
Palate: Imagine a smooth, rich caramel dessert balanced by tropical fruit.
Finish: Delicate and long. A delicious, dry finish from a faded sweetness.


ABV 40%


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