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SVM EMB Blend Plummer Coffret 2 Bottles Gift Set – 140cl


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SVM Box 2 Bottles EMB Blend Plummer, for the first time in the history of rum bottling, a comparison between two same “marks” aged in two different climates: tropical and continental.

Thus rum lovers finally have the opportunity to understand the major difference between aging in the distillery’s own cellar and in a cellar located in Europe.
To create this box, the Dutch merchant E.A. Scheer and the spirits house Velier have joined their expertise, for the first time in their history.
All this in order to create this range with an almost scientific ambition. Scheer selected the continental versions, Velier the tropical versions. SVM Box 2 Bottles EMB Blend Plummer includes two marks from the Monuymusk distillery in Jamaica. MMW and EMB, both born in different environments.
The bottlings will be presented as “twins” within a box as well as sold separately. This box features the mark: EMB.

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SVM 14 Years EMB Blend Continental Aging Plummer 64,8°.

"A fairly light rum that has benefited from its long ageing by developing pastry and fine fruity notes..."


SVM 14 Years EMB Blend Tropical Aging Plummer 69,7°

"After a concentrated and fruity nose, one discovers a very woody mouth marked by tannins... "



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