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The 2021 Diageo Special Releases Whisky Collection: Legends Untold


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The 2021 collection, drawn from some of Scotland’s most interesting, legendary distilleries and curated by Master Blender Dr Craig Wilson, portrays the otherworldly beings which have fiercely protected the heartlands of remote Scottish distilleries for an eternity, according to our ancient fables, and the mythical creatures come to life revealing their true characters. Drawn from renowned distilleries, the collection nods to the hidden gems that can be found in each corner of the Scottish terrain amongst the lochs and rugged highlands.

The annual, carefully selected line-up highlights the diversity of our most treasured whisky reserves maturing in Scotland. Each whisky will be visually brought to life with heavily detailed illustrations and design work from renowned digital illustrator Ken Taylor. His striking signature style and interpretation of the mythical creatures takes cues from his portfolio of pop culture artwork.

Activated through an on-pack QR code, a multi-sensory experience begins with a narration of the cask-strength Single Malts’ tale. Enthusiasts are then guided through a mixed reality tasting experience, designed to captivate their senses and bring a taste of Scotland to their homes.


Oban 12 Year Old

Surprisingly fresh and fruity character that was completely absent on the nose. Well balanced with the savory notes and a hint of wood spice.


Lagavulin 26 Year Old

A deep sweetness. Baked figs and vanilla. Fades quickly to make way for an oak spice and smoky notes that intensify over time. A classic Lagavulin texture with an ultra-smooth texture.


Singleton 19 Year Old

Lots of spice with an oak-infused dryness. Pencil shavings and ginger, but the sweetness doesn’t carry through from the nose. More water brings out a freshness of green apples and grapes.


Mortlach 13 Year Old

A creamy texture with floral notes that evolves into a savory finish.


Cardhu 14 Year Old

In keeping with the nose, sweet notes dominate. Grapes and red apple skin combine with oak. Extra water smoothens out the liquid further.


Talisker 8 Year Old

What a hit. Big, bold and unabashed. The added peat gives extra fire to the traditional Talisker profile. An uncomplicated whisky with nothing too surprising.


Lagavulin 12 Year Old

An uncomplicated malt that delivers what you’d expect from Lagavulin. Sourdough, freshly squeezed lemon and hints of bonfire.


Royal Lochnagar 16 Year Old

An acidic texture, like drinking juice first thing in the morning. Orange zest comes to the fore before the wooded notes come through in a lengthy finish.



ABV 44.2-59.7%



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